A word of thanks from the Mayor

Greetings dear Citizens,
It is with a heart full of pride and gratitude that I address you these few words today. First of all, in this new year, I would like to offer you my most sincere wishes for happiness and health. 🎉
I must say that I am particularly proud of our community. The major power outage that occurred over a period of up to 7 days for some people has allowed me to witness the generosity, the benevolence and the resilience of the people of Valcartier. The spirit of mutual aid that reigns in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier is extraordinary!
I would like to thank in particular:
The Public Works Department who mobilized quickly and efficiently to secure problematic and dangerous locations on the road network. You have cut down a lot of trees!
The Fire Department who responded to over 35 calls during the outage. Your presence and your work do not go unnoticed. Thank you for taking the time, on more than one occasion, to go door to door to reassure and inform our most vulnerable population.
The municipal employees, from all departments, for all the help that was brought to citizens at the Service Center. Thank you for all the coffee and soup served with a smile, but especially for your welcome and comforting words.
I am extremely proud of the municipal team. On behalf of myself, the Council and the Community, I thank you for your dedication and I salute your team spirit!
I would also like to acknowledge the work of the Hydro-Quebec workers who mobilized quickly on our territory and who worked tirelessly to restore service to all our citizens.
Your Mayor
Brent Montgomery