Municipal assessment roll

COVID-19 Municipal inspections respecting public health guidelines

Following the May 6, 2020 Government decree, the Groupe Altus will gradually resume building inspections as part of the mandate granted by the MRC to carry out property assessment work on its territory. Note that only exterior visits to residences will be carried out by employees of the Groupe Altus in the coming weeks to respect social distancing measures. To comply with these measures, the inspector will not ring the door of the residence to identify himself but will nevertheless leave a visiting card with his contact details. He will carry out the external survey of the residence and photographs will be taken. Given the limitations at the inspection level, a self-declaration form must necessarily be completed by the owners concerned in order to disclose modifications made to the building following the issuance of a permit or in the context of maintaining the inventory as provided for in article 18 of the Municipal Taxation Law. This form will be sent by mail or enclosed with the business card.

  1. The owner or occupant who refuses access to the property to the appraiser or his representative acting under section 15, or who obstructs it, without lawful excuse, commits an offense and is liable to a fine of at least $100 and at most $50,000.
  2. The owner or occupant of a property or his agent must provide or make available to the appraiser or his representative the information relating to the property, which the latter needs for the performance of his duties, depending on whether the latter requests to provide them, by means of a questionnaire or otherwise, or make them available.

            The owner of a piece of land or his agent must, similarly, where there is property to be entered on the roll on behalf of the owner, under Chapter V, supply or make available to the appraiser or to his representative the information which the latter needs for the exercise of his functions and which relate to the owner of this property.

            Commits an offense and is liable to the fine provided for in section 16 the owner or occupant of a property or his agent who, without lawful excuse, does not supply or make available, as requested by the appraiser or his representative, the information referred to in the first and second paragraphs, or provides or makes available false information.

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Form to fill out to request a revision of the municipal evaluation of your property. (available only in French)