Community Center

Valcartier Community Center

The renter (resident) is responsible for respecting these conditions

  • Confetti, glitter, flakes etc.  is strictly forbidden inside and outside of the Community Center.
  • At front entrance of the Valcartier Community Center:  To prevent wall damage, all decorations must no longer be taped, tacked, pinned or stapled on these walls; instead you are welcome to use a display stand which is available for exhibition of a poster or sign (example: for special recognition awards, photos, messages of congratulations, etc).
  • Small hall and hallway:  Fun-tak (blue mounting putty) may be used on walls when decorating. Do not place any decorations on the wooden wall panels in big hall.
  • What is not permitted: Adhesive tape (scotch tape, or any other type) staples, tacks, pins, nails.
  • For security reasons: Open-flame or freestanding candles are not permitted at any time.  The renter must leave emergency exits free access at all times.
  • No persons under the age of 18 will be admitted (when the bar is open) unless previous arrangements have been made with the Community Center. Alcoholic beverages must be consumed inside the community center only and not on the patio.
  • The music will stop & bar will close no later than 2:00 a.m.(or earlier). The administration reserves the right to close the bar and vacate the building in the case of disruptive activity or non-respect of contract conditions. The Community Center must be vacated no later than 2:30 a.m. (or earlier) A fine will be charged to the undersigned if this condition is not respected. 
  • If during an event, a meal is served, each bar employee on duty should receive a meal.
  • The kitchen and its accessories must be left clean. If the dishwasher is used: Cutlery and dishes must be rinsed off before placing in dishwasher. If stoves/ovens or warming drawers are used, they must be left clean & ready to use for the next event.  All garbage bins must be emptied and placed in the container behind community center.  Remember to remove all your personal effects before departure.
  • Prior to event, the following fees must be paid in cash or by check (Checks: made payable to Valcartier Community Center  Inc.)

Rental   : $150.00  rental with bar services
Deposit : $150.00* with bar services

Rental   : $100.00 without bar services
Deposit: $100.00* without bar services

Sound system : $75.00

The renter assumes full responsibility for damages and must pay all costs of repair or replacement if necessary. 


The renter must be present at all times during the rental period and remain on site for the duration of the event. 


The deposit will be reimbursed within 7 days following the event if no damages have been incurred and if condition # 5 of this contract was respected.

NOTE : Reservations may be cancelled due to required bookings beyond our control (for example: provincial, federal or municipal elections etc.)


Outdoor equipment (picnic tables, etc.) and kitchen accessories (dishes, cutlery, glasses, trays, coffee percolators, pots, etc.) cannot be borrowed from the Community Center unless it is being used for a municipal activity on municipal grounds.

Whereas for tables and chairs; any resident wishing to rent this equipment must furnish a security deposit of $100.00 in addition to paying a basic rental fee of $25.00 regardless of the quantity rented.

It is the responsibility of the person renting the equipment to insure that the equipment is in good condition before and upon its return. Three days prior to an event at the Community Center, all equipment must be returned and this, at the convenience of the Municipal or Community Center personnel. The Municipality will not deliver or pick up tables and chairs that have been rented from the Community Center.

For more information, please contact Carolyn McCarthy Montgomery at 418-844-1218 or by e-mail: Carolyn McCarthy Montgomery