Sports activities

Sports, Recreation and Culture

The programming of the activities offered by the Sports, Recreation and Culture Department is published 4 times per year in the Indispenable News Bulletin, available in the ‘To Consult’ section.

To register for activities offered by the Sports, Recreation and Culture Department, please fill out the universal registration form. Special registration forms may be required by certain activities, therefore, please consult their links below. 

Registrations must be submitted to the Municipality during the registration period indicated accompanied by the complete payment, otherwise it will not be considered valid. All late registrations are subject to late fees.

Please note that for a registration to be considered valid, it must be accompanied by payment in full.  Thank you for your cooperation.

For more information on Sports, Recreation and Culture, contact Mrs. Pamala Hogan Laberge at 418-844-2097 or by e-mail: Pamala Hogan Laberge

Did you know that the Valcartier Base Sports and Leisure Program (PSL) is open to the general public?