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Tgether in the heart
of nature


Seasonal Prescribed Burning Activities in Valcartier Training Areas

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Public Notice: Vente pour défaut de paiement de taxes (French)

Trouvez ci-joint l’avis public de vente pour défaut de paiement de taxes.

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Public Notice: Major Firing schedule – April 2024

Here’s the the Info-Noise calendar indicating the estimated intensity of noise emanating from Base Valcartier’s training areas for the month of April 2024

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Tax bill

The tax bills have been mailed. You should receive them shortly.

New this year: your tax bill is available online in the Property section of the Voilà platform.

Click here to view the attached flyer.

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New agreement between the Municipality and the Valcartier Recreation Department on base

30% discount on the price of an individual or family subscription.

Free access to the open swim times

(Upon presentation of proof of residence)

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2024 CCU meeting calendar

Here is the schedule of the Urbanism Consultative Committee meetings for 2024.

Click here to view

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Candidacies – Urbanism Consultative Committee (UCC)

The Urbanism Consultative Committee (UCC) is seeking candidatses to sit on this committee.

Please find attached the notice explaining in greater detail the role of a member of the UCC.

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Public Notice – Deposit of the valuation roll

Deposit of the valuation roll for the 2024 fiscal year

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Altus Group residential team inspectors on the territory

Please note that Groupe Altus inspectors are present on our territory. Here are their names:

– Antoine Cournoyer (summer student 2023)

– Charles-Olivier Paquet

– Denis Gilbert

– Edouard Fournier (summer student 2023)

– Martin Langlais

– Mathieu Lévesque

– Sophie Bélanger

They will arrive unannounced, but always in a professional manner, and will explain the reason for their visit. They will leave a card at your door asking you to call them back if you are absent.

Important information to know :

Assessment Roll

Groupe Altus is mandated by the MRC de la Jacques-Cartier to carry out property assessment work on its territory. Technicians are responsible for inspecting properties and updating municipal files, scheduling new buildings, major renovations, changes of use, market analysis and more.

Right of inspection

Articles 15, 16 and 18 of the Act respecting municipal taxation authorize inspectors, in the performance of their duties, to visit and examine a property.

Under the same sections, the owner or occupant is required to give the assessor access to the property, and to provide the assessor with any information relating to the property that he or she needs to carry out his or her duties.

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Results of the survey on biological treatment of biting insects

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Information concerning the avian influenza infection on the territory

The Municipality wants to express its solidarity with the poultry producers on our territory concerning the avian influenza. There has always been a good cohabitation between the agricultural and urban environment and the Municipality would like this to continue during this difficult period. We know that the noxious odour problem is unpleasant for citizens, but it is unfortunately unavoidable but most of all temporary.

The Fédération des éleveurs de volailles du Québec and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have given us more details on the current situation in our Municipality.

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Flashing green lights for firefighters

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Important information for residential pool owners

Residential Pools

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