Dog licences

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Did you know that according to by-law no.121 Article 6.1, the guardian of a dog, within the limits of the Municipality, must, in the month of January of each year, obtain a new license for said dog, except in the case of a guide dog. The license issued by virtue of this by-law is annual, for the period from January 1st to December 31st.

The cost of the license applies to each dog and is determined in the following manner:

$10 for 1st dog
$20 for 2nd dog
$30 for 3rd dog
or $150 for a kennel of 3 or more dogs

Each year, the S.P.A. of Quebec receives thousands of found animals. Of this number, more than 4500 do not wear an identification license and many of them cannot find their way home again. In order to give your beloved animal every chance of coming home, it is essential  that he wear his license. If you lose your animal, contact the S.P.A. at 418 527-9104 or the Municipality at 418 844-1218 during business hours, as soon as possible.

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