Rink and skating path

Please see the schdule of our covered rink below.

🚫🚫 🏒🥅 Due to the popularity of hockey on our rink, all hockey periods will be for RESIDENTS ONLY – NO GUESTS ALLOWED, without exceptions. The different categories will also be respected and maintained. 🚫🚫 🏒🥅 Thank you for your cooperation!

It’s important to respect the different levels of play when playing hockey so that everyone, from beginners to the most experienced, can have fun safely.  For up-to-date information, follow the Patinoire SGDV Skating rink Facebook page and the Recreation Facebook page.

The skating path is available.

🔹Participants must respect other users and adhere to the instructions of the person in charge of the rink at all times.
🔹Participants must leave the ice at the end of a session and pick up all used pucks and accessories.
🔹It is forbidden to go on the rink in boots during skating or hockey periods.
🔹Dogs are forbidden on the ice.